Achievement Compacts

In July, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 215 officially changing the name of our agency and refining our charge. The Bill re-calibrates the role and the focus of the Chief Education Office to most effectively accelerate student outcomes from birth through college and career.

Two of the most visible changes that came out of the Bill include the elimination of the OEIB Board and of the Achievement Compact process. Both of these recommended changes were derived using feedback from educational agencies and partners, legislators, and community organizations.

 We  wanted to share some specific information related to Achievement Compacts. The Achievement Compacts were created to align the education system around common outcomes and to improve outcomes by honing the local budgeting process to target areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement. While the Achievement Compacts will no longer be required, each K-12 district, college, and university is encouraged to continue to tie resource allocation, staff capacity and strategic planning to reaching the key outcomes in the Compacts. The best budget processes use data to drive allocation and we have been pleased to see this practice become a central component of so many of the education institutions’ decision-making and prioritization.

Going forward, some aspects of the Achievement Compacts continue on in the form of metrics that the Higher Education Coordinating Commission has adopted and as the metrics that are being used to rate K-12 schools and districts. The Chief Education Office will continue to report on, and drive the education system towards, the key outcomes on the Achievement Compact. It is our sincere hope that the process that was begun with the Achievement Compacts, and the associated metrics, will continue to stimulate important conversations and continuous improvement in our education system.

K-12 Achievement Compacts

2014 - 2015

Community Colleges and Oregon Universities
2014 - 2015  Community Colleges
2014 - 2015 Universities
2013 - 2014
2012 - 2013

2015-16 Documents
2015 - 16 Community College Achievement Compact Template
2015-16 Achievement Compact Worksheet
Achievement Compact Technical Manual

2014-15 Documents
Community College Achievement Compact Worksheet
Achievement Compact Related Statutes

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