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July 1st  
Community Colleges
Feb 1st
July 1st
K-12 School Districts and ESDs
May 1st
Oct 15th
Notice: Achievement Compact Changes Effective Immediately

The Oregon Education Investment Board has approved a set of five recommendations to improve the Achievement Compact process and outcomes. Chief Education Officer Nancy Golden introduced the recommendations based on input from the field, community, and board members. The complete recommendations are linked here.

One change that takes place immediately is that Achievement Compacts committees will be asked to set three year strategic goals instead of one year goals. Compact committees will still meet yearly, monitor progress towards those goals, and affirm their goals in a submission to the OEIB.

Because community college Achievement Compact committees are required to submit their report and suggested goals to their governing board by February 1, this year they have the option of keeping their one year goals or amending their goals to reflect three year targets. They have until July 1 to submit their compacts to OEIB.

Public university Achievement Compact committees have a flexible date to report to their president and therefore they are strongly encouraged to follow the three year method. However, if the Achievement Compact committee has already completed its work, universities have the option of keeping the one-year goals. They also report to the OEIB by July 1.

K-12 school districts, which are required to report to their governing board by May 1, are asked to adopt the three year method immediately. They must report to the ODE Website by October 15.

K-12 achievement Compacts
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Community Colleges and Oregon Universities
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2015-16 Documents
2015 - 16 Community College Achievement Compact Template
2015-16 Achievement Compact Worksheet
Achievement Compact Technical Manual

2014-15 Documents
Community College Achievement Compact Worksheet
Achievement Compact Related Statutes

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