The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) is chaired by Governor Kate Brown and was created in 2011 to oversee an effort to build a unified system for investing in and delivering public education from birth to college & career. We envision a system that links all segments of the educational experience together to ensure each student is poised for a promising future.

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From the desk of the Chief Education Officer

​As I catch my breath from the recent legislative session and take stock of what lawmakers were able to accomplish, I am encouraged by the investments and policies made to support students, families, and communities across the state.
On the whole, it was a very successful 2015 session.
I wanted to share a few outcomes from the session that I believe hold tremendous power to be transformational for our students.
Advancing Equity. There are a number of bills passed that focus on addressing current gaps in our system between the experiences and opportunities from one student to the next. A few highlights from these bills include: an investment in English Language Learner programs (HB 3499), a charge to develop a statewide plan for black and African American students experiencing disproportionate results across the education continuum (HB 2016), a charge to create a workgroup to address disparities in higher education (HB 3308), and new goals for districts and educator preparation programs to ensure educators reflect Oregon students (HB 3375).
Starting Early.  Together, the Governor and I prioritized and pushed hard for investments in early learning resulting in $100 million in new, targeted resources to get our youngest Oregonians on track and ready to succeed in kindergarten, and beyond.
Increasing Access & Opportunity. Bills spanning early learning through higher education will create a smoother educational pathway and improve opportunities for each of our students to realize their full potential. A few highlights include: an investment in expanded access to pre-school for some of our lowest income children (HB 3380), a requirement for school districts to report on successful strategies used to improve graduate rates or lower chronic absenteeism (HB 3319), the creation of funding mechanisms for students to earn college credit in high school (SB 418), the expansion and restructure of the Oregon Opportunity Grant to support 16,000 more students (including those who are undocumented) with tuition  grants (SB 932), and the Oregon Promise bill which waives Community College tuition if students meet certain criteria (SB 81).
Improving the Connection of Education to the Workforce. Thanks to the Governor making investments in STEM and CTE (HB 3072) a core priority, lawmakers have doubled investments in programs that create hands-on learning opportunities and put additional pathways in place to smooth the transition to the world of work.
Additionally, investments were made in many of the ongoing efforts across the education system including: cross sector-regional initiatives (Regional Achievement Collaboratives, STEM Hubs and Early Learning Hubs), support for educators through the Network for Quality Teaching and Learning (thanks to tremendous advocacy by the Governor), and in initiatives to improve early literacy skills.
Finally, Senate Bill 215, related to the future charge and scope of the OEIB is currently awaiting signature by the Governor.  I will share specific details of the bill once it has officially been signed, but as written, the bill eliminates the OEIB Board, changes the name of the agency to the Chief Education Office, and focuses our work on coordination across agencies, barrier busting, and on ensuring an equitable system of education. 
This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does reflect many of the policies and investments that I believe hold tremendous potential for our students. Thank you to Governor Brown and Oregon Legislators for prioritizing education, and for the many unprecedented policies and investments you have moved forward during this session on behalf of students.

Nancy Golden

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