Interest Form deadline is April 10, 2018!

The new Educator Advancement Council is launching!

In 2017, building upon the Governor’s Council on Educator Advancement recommendations, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 182 creating the council, recognizing Oregon’s goal to achieve high-quality, well-supported and culturally-responsive public educators in every classroom. The Council will build on Oregon’s current efforts to further support educators statewide including, but not limited to:

· Establishing a system of local educator networks that prioritize and enhance educators’ access to professional learning and support services, combining state investment and other leveraged resources driven by educator need.

· Creating the Oregon Teacher Scholars Program to help achieve purposes of the Educator’s Equity Act, including scholarships, mentoring, networking and other resources for racially or linguistically diverse teaching candidates.

· Better aligning early learning professional development efforts with K-12.

· Researching and addressing issues related to educator workforce supply and demand.

The Chief Education Office is coordinating across state agencies to establish and support the Educator Advancement Council and is currently recruiting council members. The Council seeks a broad range of voices, experiences, and perspectives to fill its 21 seats. Initial applications are due April 10, but the Council will retain submissions and continue to accept applications beyond the deadline for future vacancies.