Oregon Teacher Scholars Program

Oregon Teacher Scholars is a new program to help diversify Oregon’s educator workforce.

The Oregon Teacher Scholar Program offers scholarships of $5,000 for the 2018-19 school year for racially or linguistically diverse teacher candidates accepted and enrolled in a state-approved educator preliminary licensure preparation provider. Pending future legislation, recipients of a scholarship from the Oregon Teacher Scholars Program may be eligible for a second year of funding ($5,000) if still enrolled in the preliminary licensure educator preparation program.

The scholarship can be used to pay for classes, fees, or help defray costs of required licensure assessments and student teaching.

In addition to the scholarship, the program will provide recipients with mentoring, networking opportunities, and other resources.

This program was created by Senate Bill 182, to help develop an educator workforce that better reflects the demographics of Oregon students.

Application and donation information

To apply, click the button below and type “772” or “Oregon Teacher Scholars”
into the search box and follow the instructions. You must register with OSAC to apply.

To donate, click the button and use the drop-down menu to select
“Oregon Teacher Scholars.”

Apply for the ScholarshipDonation Portal

Contact Oregon Teacher Scholars

Program Coordinator, Lala Rangel.

             503 689-2571

Elements of the Program

Stage 1: The Oregon Teacher Scholars Program Coordinator recruits candidates to become members of the Oregon Teacher Scholars Network. The Program Coordinator visits every public and private educator preparation program creating local referral networks and informational meetings with potential Scholar recruits.

Stage 2: The Program Coordinator uses the TeachInOregon.gov website to link interested recruits with Oregon Teaching Scholars Resources with resources and information related to volunteer opportunities, early field experiences, access to pre-education courses, test preparation supports, and summer internships working with culturally and linguistically diverse youth, workshops, field trips, site visits, and networking opportunities such as job fairs and culturally specific community networking events like “Say Hey.”

Stage 3: Oregon Teaching Scholars accepted into an Oregon educator preparation program (starting in Fall 2018) are invited to apply for a $5,000-a-year scholarship through the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC). Working with OSAC staff, three members from the Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group serve as the Oregon Teacher Scholars Program Scholarship selection team and select recipients each Spring for funds that are available.

Stage 4: Oregon Teaching Scholars continue to participate in Oregon Teacher Scholar Events and connect with resources related to resume development, job networking, interviewing, and skills to help navigate cultural barriers in the workplace. At least twice a year Oregon Teacher Scholars are invited to attend events like the annual COSA/OASED Preservice Conference and Teaching with Purpose Conference. The Program Coordinator connects Scholars with district recruiters and ensures that each Scholar is afforded multiple job interview opportunities.

Stage 5: Hiring districts are encouraged to provide each Oregon Teaching Scholar with a beginning teacher mentor for at least two years, preferably matching the Scholar with a mentor who is culturally or linguistically diverse and to connect all newly hired educators of color with existing community organizations such as OALA, Say Hey, Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators, and the Oregon Association of Bilingual Educators.

Stage 6: Once employed, Oregon Teaching Scholars are invited to help recruit others to the teaching profession and network with current Oregon Teaching Scholars.


For questions please contact Laci Tolle at the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion or Hilda Rosselli at the Chief Education Office.