The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) is chaired by Governor Kate Brown and was created in 2011 to oversee an effort to build a unified system for investing in and delivering public education from birth to college & career. We envision a system that links all segments of the educational experience together to ensure each student is poised for a promising future.

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From the desk of the Chief Education Officer

This week we are featuring the final installment of a four-part series highlighting our 13 Regional Achievement Collaboratives (RAC). RACs are designed to bring cross-sector partners together to develop a shared, local vision for supporting students and families. Below are examples from four RACs illustrating the impact of cross-sector collaboration on creating opportunities for students. 


The Willamette Promise RAC operates under the motto of “Student centered. Future focused.” The RAC has established 18 proficiency dual-credit opportunities offered in 24 schools, and has registered 1,600 local students in their Career and College Readiness program that provides advising services to students around college admission, career training and entry pathways. Recently, the RAC hosted a successful Career and Technical education night that brought together students and families from surrounding communities. The event enabled students to make relevant connections between their education and future opportunities. 


The Eastern Oregon Collaborative RAC spanning Morrow, Umatilla, and Union counties has worked with other regional initiatives (including the Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub and the Eastern Promise Program) to raise the quality of life and economic prospects in Eastern Oregon through improving social supports and pathways to success in career and college for students. Eastern Promise for example, offers students in Eastern Oregon high schools a chance to participate in a dual credit expansion program. The program enables students to earn college credits at a reduced tuition rate through courses taught by eligible teachers in their schools. Teachers in the dual credit expansion program participate in Professional Learning Communities with community college and university faculty, increasing the rigor of the courses and their alignment to college level offerings. 


The Connected Lane County RAC was formed to address barriers to student in their educational transitions. The collaborative is organized into Bridge Groups that focus their work on specific transitions in students’ pathways: Early Learning, Elementary School to Middle School, Middle School to High School, and High School to College and Career. Connected Lane County has been working closely with Lane ESD to provide teacher professional development opportunities in areas such as linking the Common Core State Standards and best practices in mathematics instruction, as well as providing support for a new teacher mentoring program. Additionally, the collaborative is developing an innovative Longitudinal Data Warehouse in Lane County designed to measure the success of local initiatives from a variety of sectors.


The Douglas County Partners for Student Success RAC aligns partners to support in and out of school youth development and to prepare students for college and career opportunities. The RAC has spearheaded the development of the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub, which works to provide local youth with experiential learning in health care and other careers through collaboration with the Bright Works Oregon Healthcare Team. DCPSS has also partnered with NeighborWorks Umpqua to connect students with a resource to help them save, budget and plan for their college and career/training goals.

Thank you to each of these regional partners for the work that you do to open doors and break down barriers our students face. Together, you are paving a powerful pathway forward for our students and our state.

Nancy Golden

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