The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) is chaired by Governor Kate Brown and was created in 2011 to oversee an effort to build a unified system for investing in and delivering public education from birth to college & career.  We envision a system that links all segments of the educational experience together to ensure each student is poised for a promising future. 

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​​​​We're focused on:

Equ​​ity. Ensuring that the equity lens we've adopted is central in all of our work such that each and every student, regardless of circumstances receives a high quality education. 

Ou​tcomes. Building a unified system of education from birth to college & career so that students can move along the pathway seamlessly.
Transitions & Barriers. Working with education leaders and community partners to support key educational transitions (from pre-school programs to elementary schools, and from high school to college or the workforce) and driving efforts to mitigate barriers to more effectively move students along the education continuum.

Investments.  Making recommendations to the Governor and legislature as to how the state can resource education to produce the best outcomes for students including: strategic investments and budgeting to outcomes.  
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