2017 Graduation Report

January 2017

The improvement of high school graduation outcomes for Oregon’s students is a clear
priority for both state and local leaders. A quality education supports enrollment in
college or job training and career attainment that benefit both individual students and the
state within which they work and thrive.

In order to provide a quality education for each of Oregon’s students, the Chief Education
Office and Oregon Department of Education is committed to the improvement of high
school graduation rates through the creation of multiple pathways and meaningful
learning opportunities that meet Governor Kate Brown’s vision that every Oregon student
graduates with a plan for their future.

With the appointment of Oregon’s first Education Innovation Officer, the Governor laid the
foundation for the creation and development of policies, budget priorities, and actions to
support Oregon students in reaching their goals for graduation and beyond. The Education
Innovation Officer has already begun to engage with communities, education leaders,
and key stakeholders across the state to better understand challenges and promising
practices, and co-construct implementation strategies that most appropriately serve our
diverse students, families, and regions.

One of the Education Innovation Officer’s first initiatives, upon appointment, was to
conduct community engagement sessions with upwards of 1,000 key stakeholders closest
to Oregon’s education system. Participant voices represented individuals from dozens of
communities across 32 Oregon counties, resulting in a representative sample of students,
families, educators, and community members across the state — including a heightened
focus on historically underserved students and families. Qualitative analysis of the
many thoughts and ideas shared by participants provided keen understanding of how to
leverage established partnerships and promising practices while also addressing the
many barriers Oregon students face on their path to graduation and beyond.