Reflections from Education Innovation Officer, Colt Gill on his Statewide Engagement

Two Days in Hood River and Wasco Counties…

In coordination with the Statewide Regional Collaboration Summit at the Columbia Gorge Community College this week, I was able to convene with many more students, families, community members, board members, and educators from three districts over the course of three days: North Wasco County School District, Hood River County School District, and Dufur School District.

My biggest take away from these visits was the incredible amount of community involvement in these school systems. There were so many community organizations represented at the meetings and many more that interact daily with the students and the schools. These organizations cover a wide range of supports, from Juntos, which engages with Latino families and helps focus on high school graduation and paths to higher education, to the Dufur Garden Clubs that work with students in the FFA greenhouse, and everything in between.

Community support also came from a variety of public agencies and nonprofits including the Columbia Gorge ESD, the Department of Human Services, the education foundation, private donors, Helping Hands Against Violence, The Next Door, and several more. This is a community that comes together to ensure their students are supported.

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