State Chronic Absenteeism Plan Survey Tool: Share Your Perspective Today

House Bill 4002 (2016) directed the Oregon Department of Education and the Chief Education Office, in cooperation with other state education agencies, Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority, Early Learning Division, and community and education stakeholders, to develop a statewide plan to address chronic absences of students in the public schools of the state.

The Legislature has specifically required the following four elements to be included in the plan:

  1. A process for publicly disclosing annual information on chronic absence rates for each school.
  2. Guidance and best practices for all schools and school districts to use to track, monitor and address chronic absences and improve attendance.
  3. A process for identifying schools in need of support to reduce chronic absences and improve attendance.
  4. A description of technical assistance available to schools identified as being in need of support, including technical assistance that will be provided by the department or the office.


This survey is being sent out to “ground test” some of the practices that have been identified based on national and Oregon research and by the members of the HB 4002 Workgroup. This survey is one part of a community and statewide engagement strategy to help refine and prioritize elements of the final plan and consider local context.

The survey will be open until October 14th. Please feel free to share in your networks, and thank you for taking a few minutes to share your voice and perspective.

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