Trauma Informed Pilot


The CEdO identified a small set of high schools that fit research-based criteria and invited those schools and districts to apply. The final applicants we divided into matched pairs and two schools were randomly selected: Central High School and Tigard High School.


The purpose of the pilot is to identify successful elements of a high school-based trauma informed approach to education, mental health, and intervention strategies. All of the materials and conclusions from the pilot, including professional development materials, assessment tools, job descriptions, sample policies, communication tools, and partnership strategies, will be available to the public in the research and reports section below.


The pilot program is directly administered in a joint partnership between the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and the Chief Education Office (CEdO). A steering committee will be formed from agencies, pilot district/school representatives, the project’s technical assistance provider, and representatives of those communities are identified through research to be most at risk for experiencing trauma.


The Oregon School Based Health Alliance has been chosen to provide professional development and technical assistance to the pilot schools.


The appropriated funding from HB 4002 (2016) currently allows for two pilot programs; however, a budget note included during the 2016 session requires the CEdO to submit a plan to fully fund the pilot in the 2017 session and possibly include more schools.


The key policy questions are: What elements of a trauma informed approach equitably improve student attendance? How should they be implemented and what is the cost? Our model for how a trauma informed approach can improve attendance includes interventions and effects at the student, staff, and community level. The questions to ask about these interventions will be informed by existing research and development work in Oregon and outreach to two key communities: high school staff members and culturally specific community groups who currently serve students and families who have experienced trauma.

Research and Reports

Trauma Informed Pilot – Formative Materials

Trauma Informed Pilot